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Exony VIM X is the open platform enabling you to apply more customer insight to manage smarter contact from your Cisco infrastructure.

It is specifically designed for complex contact center operations, VIM X evolves a proven cloud architecture to deliver a leap forward in customer and user experience.

Helping enterprises to improve customer experience, reduce churn and increase revenue while aggressively managing productivity

The right information with the right control to the right people

A global team focused on one thing*

Meet some of the people that are driven by our customers’ and partners’ success

  • R&D

    Jon - R&D

    Oversees the creation of some of the most advanced and effective customer contact management software you’ll find

  • Innovation

    Vikram - Innovation

    Works with early-adopter customers to deliver smarter solutions for their business goals

  • Support

    Ashley - Support

    Leads our 24/7 follow-the-sun support operations to assure consistent operational value for customers

  • Product Management

    James - Product Management

    Distils our customer contact vision for business success into the evolution of the VIM platform

  • Developer

    Rosemary - Developer

    Takes complex product needs and translates them into elegant code!

  • Consultant

    Elshad - Consultant

    Turning technical milestones into business success, with over 50,000 VIM agents deployed personally so far

*We think success matters!

Without VIM, you are missing out on smarter management

  • “We needed to provide information so our leaders could lead and our managers could manage. If you get that right, then the agents can be successful.”

    Dr. Nels Lindahl

    Corinthian Colleges

  • “We can provide better services to customers because of our improved ability to see a problem and take action.”

    Tricia Will


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